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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Nation News, Barbados - The only news is the need to proof read articles.

The Guyana, Venezuela border row

Is this an article about the latest developments in the border dispute between said countries or is it an obituary? This article accomplishes neither. At first I was annoyed by the lack of real news contained in this article, then I noticed the following error: " Surprisingly, however, having confirmed his participation in the summit, the Venezuelan leader failed to turn up, as expected, last Friday with an explanation being offered that we was "not well"."

'We', of course, refers to 'HE', the Barbadian diplomat Oliver Jackman.

One would think that since Oliver Jackman was a BARBADIAN diplomat, that he'd get the honour of an obituary instead of an unceremonious burial in the lines of an article that doesn't even give substantive material related to its own title.

For heaven's sake, if he is to be written about properly, the 'H' key is 4 keys from the 'W' key 'as the finger flies' on a qwerty keyboard. Don't make me post an image of that on here.

On second thought, maybe I will:

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