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Monday, February 26, 2007

Guyana VODW 26 Feb 07: Guyana Yours To Discover 2007

Great video. My wife started craving fish after she saw those Amerindian men shotting fish with arrows and pulling them in with regular tackle. It takes a litle patience to get through all the scenery parts (which are inspiring nonetheless), but I really enjoyed watching the Amerindian women processing the cassava.

I try to check the videos most recently added to Google video and you tube. Something at least mildly interesting shows up at least every day and certainly every week. I've decided to offer something like a Guyana VODW (video of de week).

Next time, I do want to see a Guyana tourism video covering the Rupununi.


Anonymous said...

Hello!this was indeed a intersting video and it really warmed me in a cold winter,s day in Norway (europe)thanks to all of the people that made this video also to Mr.Dave Martin for the wondeful songs.maureen

Anonymous said...

Did you get authorization form Mike Charles to post is video up on your blog? These DVDs are selling for $15US, I don't think he would appreciate you posting this whole video for free.

JC said...

Mike Charles posted this video on Google video for anyone to watch for free. The video itself isn't on my blog, it's on Google video. I simply have a way of linking you to it THROUGH my blog. Mike wants people to watch this video so they will want to buy the DVD instead of the fuzzy online version. Go ask him if you don't believe me.

Mike Charles said...

This is Mike Charles. Thank you to the anonymous writer whose instincts were correct. I have NOT posted any video on Google Video as is claimed here. This Blog article is quite simply further propagating a pirated version of my work.