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Monday, February 19, 2007

De new cookup rice child

Here are some pictures of the newest member of one of Guyana's oldest families.

Sahana Ann Marie Bollers (Sahana = Patience in Hindi)

Here's the Cookup Rice Part.

Here's what we know she is: 3/4 Guyanese and 1/4 American.

Here's what we think she is:

Sahana's Ancestry Percent
East Indian 37.5
Spanish 6.25
Amerindian 6.25

Dad's Side (oversimplified)

Dad's Guyanese side

Scots-Guyanese (Clark) 6.25
'Dutcho'-Guyanese (Bollers) 6.25
Judeo-Guyanese (Benson) (Portuguese Jew via Suriname -->
and British Jew with a drop of Spanish (Penedo) and French (Vanier) and Amerindian) 12.5

Dad's American Side

Polish 6.25
English 12.5
French Canadian (w/ Ojibwa/Huron Amerindian admixture) 6.25

Total 100

Vital Stats:

Birth time: 11:33am

Birth Weight: 9lbs. 9oz.

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Grunting like a puppy, crying herself voiceless, Pooping curds and gravy.

Occupation: breast pump, though she can only pump one side at a time.

Skin Colour: Pink

Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown

Eye Colour: Dark Brown


Chris Merris said...

Congratulations man!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family:) She is such a beautiful baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations MOM & DAD Where was the birth Guyana or America?

franceen said...

hey...congratulations!!!She's such a sweetheart.