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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Guyana's Golden Age

I's like to use this space to vent some hope and frustration at the same time. I've been captivated by the Dutch Golden Age. There are certain parts of a recipe that came together and made it possible for one of the very smallest European countries to become the most powerful on the continent.

They had the right mix of religious toleration and ethnic toleration that attracted all sorts of the right people from all over Europe. Once there, they took advantage of the comparative economic freedoms that they enjoyed there and built a mercantile empire that stretched across the world.

Now, I don't envision an empire for Guyana, but my point is that a look at history will tell us the things needed in order for us to make Guyana a prosperous nation at or near the head of the first world.

What frustrates me is that I don't think that people believe or even want it to happen. Before you get mad at me and say "of course Guyanese want a good life", I want to say that I already agree with you.

I'm saying that I think that certain people in positions of power are happy with the way things are because as long as things don't change, they will still be the bug fish in the small pond.

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