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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Petro Guyana

I am writing a paper with a partner about oil producing countries, what they do with the money AND (most importantly) the human condition of people who reside in them BECAUSE of how the money is spent.

We've only begun to gather information, but I figured I'd show you some things as we went along.

I've used information from the US Energy Information Agency to calculate the Per capita oil reserves in each oil producing country.

I used 770,000 as Guyana's population *smirk* and assumed 15 Billion barrels of extractable reserves for Guyana.

The list of countries in descending order from most to least barrels of oil per person for 64 countries is at the bottom.

Keep in mind that this does not include Natural gas reserves nor does this account for varying grades of oil.

This also does not include Guyana's oil that likely exists offshore on the Venezuela side of the country or underneath our own soil.

Also it apparently doesn't take into account "non-conventional oil reserves" like the heavy bitumen in Canada and Venezuela.

Conservatively speaking, Guyana is another UAE, but it may surpass Kuwait per capita when it's all said and done.

Let your imagination fly..

Kuwait 43189.3
Qatar 23574.5
Guyana 19480.52
United Arab Emirates 17190.32
Saudi Arabia 9924.26
Libya 5905.75
Iraq 4410.37
Equatorial Guinea 3411.88
Brunei 3060.01
Venezuela 2083.57
Iran 2031.29
Norway 1748.95
Oman 1595.82
Gabon 1539.12
Angola 773.04
Trinidad and Tobago 572.15
Congo (Brazzaville) 528.83
Russia 521.1
Ecuador 385
Canada 366.56
Algeria 348.89
Nigeria 288.7
Denmark 235.07
Australia 199.85
Sudan 169.53
Syria 162.61
Yemen 143.17
Malaysia 120.74
Mexico 116.32
United States 73.57
Tunisia 68.58
Brazil 64.07
United Kingdom 62.04
Argentina 61.46
Albania 54.78
Bolivia 51.52
Cuba 49.27
Egypt 47.83
Peru 36.36
Papua New Guinea 33.72
Colombia 33.71
Indonesia 21.95
Romania 20.06
New Zealand 18.59
Vietnam 16.1
Thailand 14.56
Croatia 14.01
Netherlands 13.76
Italy 13.21
Hungary 12.7
China 12.39
Austria 9.03
Poland 7.16
Burma 4.27
Turkey 4.04
India 3.64
Germany 2.42
Czech Republic 2.19
France 1.95
Pakistan 1.94
Philippines 1.35
Chile 0.53
Bulgaria 0.24

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