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Monday, March 19, 2007

I usually like what Stella says...not today though

Stella Says…The mistress role hurts the women’s movement

Stella said:

"I am not going to cite religious verses about sex outside of marriage because they are just control methods from the patriarchal system to make women feel guilty for having sex. However, speaking purely from a social standpoint.... "

How bout you don't cite religious verses because this isn't a religious column anyway and because you're addressing a crowd of religious diversity that IS Guyana?

What you've accomplished here was to achieve potential alienation from those who might have a religious view and may not think that religion is a patriarchal attempt to dominate women and society.

Even religious moderates may be offended at that view.

In your non-mention of religious verse, you still stated a religious opinion.

You certainly had a very good and (to me) enjoyable column until I got to that part.....

Now instead of finishing the column, I am writing you one.

Maybe it would have been better to just not mention religion at all (period).

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