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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Help Get Slingshot Back on his Feet.

I want to let everyone know that Wayne Moses of "Wayne's Guyana Outpost" is doing a fund raiser for Slingshot. Many of you already know Wayne. He's been running his website for about 10 years now. Every now and then there arises a need to raise funds for someone and Wayne takes it upon himself to organize a drive and get the funds to the person in need. Slingshot is a member of Wayne's email list and a a warm caring member of the Guyanese online community. I never even knew he was a soca artist until his accident because he went under another name on the mailing list. If any of you would like to know more about what Wayne's fundraising effort please go to this URL:

Guyana Outpost Fundraising

Here you can read more about the circumstances surrounding the accident, and how you may donate. I'll vouch for Wayne's good character. He will get the funds to the right place.


This is the receipt from having sent funds derived from your 'legitimate advertisement perusal' to Wayne Moses of Gondola Webworks to help out Slingshot.

I've erased the last digit on the Transaction ID to protect privacy.

For more information about how you can directly donate to Slingshot to aid in his recovery and safe return to his home, scroll up and click on the link to Wayne's fundraising site section of 'Guyana Outpost'.

For those of you who already heeded my call to help slingshot, thank you and if you've donated, I am not able to tell becuase that information isn't available to me.

As of the last update yesterday, Wayne says that 497 USD was raised for Slingshot and Harold Hopkinson, chief of airport security at Cheddi Jagan Inernational Airport has donated another $G100,000 that he's given to Slingshot directly. We can do better than that!

Thanks again to all.

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