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Friday, March 09, 2007

Guyana: Georgetown Mayor Arrested - False Reporting?

An article has apparently been circulating in e-mails of Guyanese the world over. As far as many of us can tell, it's false. There is nothing in the news media that we've searched that has anything to do with this topic. There isn't even anything in the media seeking to rebutt the claims if this incendiary article below.

I would welcome any clues that could reveal where this article came from. You can leave a comment or send me an e-mail. My address is in my profile at the bottom of the page.

"Guyana: Georgetown Mayor Arrested

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Published: March 8, 2007

Hamilton Green, the mayor of Georgetown, the largest city in Guyana, was ordered arrested by a local court on suspicion of embezzlement and abuse of office. He left the court in handcuffs. Mr. Green, who was stripped of his Mayoral (capitalization error) post ,is suspected of handing out plots of land to unidentified individuals for private use and of using city funds to pay for private guards and to back a gang of ex-Burnhamitie thugs who wanted to overthrow the present PPP/Civic government. The Associated press said sums allegedly embezzled by Mr. Green and other top city officials topped $13 million US dollars. Mr. Green who used to be a Vice-President in the previous People's National Congress government, broke away from that group when it lost power in 1992 and formed his own party that is called GGG ( Green Good for Guyana). Hamiliton Green was born a christian, later converted to Sun Moon's cult, however, he considers himself a practicing Sunni Muslim and regularly visits a Georgetown Buddhist Temple for prayers. Allegedly, he is responsible for the dissapearance and death of several Guyanese citizens during the People's National Congress reign of terror and corruption from December 1964 to December 1992.

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