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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Recent Progress on Takatu' Bridge

Guyanese have been awaiting the long anticipated bridge that will create transport links with Brazil. The completion of the bridge will be a precursor to a paved highway that will connect the bridge near Lethem to Lindon in the north. I was able to visit the bridge zone personally at the end of 2005 and was disappointed with the lack of progress, as I only saw concrete uprights and nothing more. The last time I logged into Google Earth, I decided to pan over the bridge zone and thought that there was a big raft in the river. Upon closer inspection i noticed that my newly discovered raft cast a shadow on the river, so now it must be a hovercraft right? It seems that in fact that progress is being made again on the bridge. It's one more step towards completing a vital trade artery not only for Guyana, but especially for those who live in Region 9, an area that severely lacks the development that it so needs. I don't know how recent this image is. If anyone knows of anymore details concerning the bridge please feel obligated to tell me.

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